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World Team Cup 2019

Wow!! Somehow when I represent my country on the tennis court it brings out a different side of me. 

My first singles match of the tournament I played against Colombia and as soon as the The empire said “ready , play” my entire body went numb and my arms felt so heavy. It was like my nerves all of a sudden kicked in, in overdrive. I thought that it would get better as the match went on but it was still there even after the match. That was a new experience for me, feeling so completely overwhelmed by the feeling that I have to win to make my country and my team proud.

Thankfully I could come up with a win even though it was a big battle and I had to use all the energy and strength I had to make it work and I got our teams first win, and also my first win at the world team cup in the women’s draw. 

Next up was Russia. This time around I was so ready for revenge. The opponent I had to play, I have lost to in the past consecutively, and at our last encounter I got so close but still could not get a win. 

 So I was ready to fight till I got the win !! And I did, I won my match and I still can’t quite believe that I won it! Even after my match I still felt like I had to play and that it’s not over yet. It was the best feeling ever to finally get a big win for myself to gain my confidence and of course  to get another win on the board for South Africa. 

My teammate Kgothatso Montjane won her singles match and that meant that SA beat Russia. . 

That meant that we made it into the semifinals of the world team cup for the first time in history. 

We ended 4th in the world. I am so proud of my team, and I am so pleased with the tennis I played during this event. 

World team Cup is always a special event not only because you play as a team for your country, but also because the entire world gets together to play at this one event. The best of the best are there, plus you get to see all your friends and watch some incredible tennis, so the vibe and the atmosphere is amazing. And to top it all off we get treated like stars !! 

This year the world team cup was in Israel Tel Aviv 

And it was great ! The hotel was really fancy with a rooftop bar and pool. It was really hot and sunny and close to the beach. We played on hard courts, which was great for me because I always train on hardcourt at home. 

Next year the world team cup will be in Portugal, I have never been there so I can’t wait to see the country and also improve on our performance as Team SA. 

To everyone who sent me messages and watched me play, who supported me from all over the world, thank you so much, I appreciate your support!! 

And to TEAMMV thank you for preparing me for this tour my achievements are always a team effort and I could not have asked for a better team by my side. 

To the Women’s SA team Kgothatso Montjane and Mable Mankgele, thank you for being a great team and showing some amazing tennis I am so proud of you !! 

Until next time Keep Shining 

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