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tennis career

Mariska started playing tennis in 2010 at 14 years of age and went ahead to become ranked

1st in the World under/18 for Junior Girls.


She holds 14 singles titles and 25 doubles titles, having represented South Africa 5 times at the World Team Cup. S


Best career World Rankings : 


Singles -  27th  

Doubles -  21st



Mariska is currently ranked 2nd in South African Women Wheelchair Tennis. 





The moment I get onto the court I feel like an athlete, I feel free from the limitation set upon me.

Tennis saved me.

It taught me that my wheelchair is not the reason for my limits, but my mind is.

Now I don't believe in limits. If anyone ever tells me I can't do it, I work hard to prove them wrong.

Being disabled essentially means not being able to do something, but I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to.


Gerald Stoffberg


Tennis Coach - PBHS

Gert Vanderlinden


Belgian Tennis Coach - K Stade Leuven T.C.

Kirsty Elliott


Sport Science Expert -SEMLI 


Jaco Swart


Physiotherapist –Cielliers & Swart Physiotherapy 


Nicki de Villiers


Nutritionist –Nicki de Villiers Dietician 

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