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The Best of February | Urban Lens Photography

In life I have met very few people who I call gems. So precious, beautiful and rare! 

My pick for this months “best” is Juné Geyser, she is most definitely a gem. 

Juné Geyser is a professional photographer from South Africa who I have had the privilege of working with on a ‘Cuban Inspired Photoshoot’.

This photoshoot ranks as one of my favorites because the Cuban theme is festive and bold! 

The location was at The Royale, a restaurant with a Cuban flair and this was the main reason for our theme choice.

My first impressions of Juné, who I only met on the day of the shoot, was that she is so friendly and kind.

After a two hour shoot, I am able to provide a little insight on what the experience with her was like.

Everything was very “chilled vibes” and yet throughout all the fun, we were going at a fast pace through the different looks. I would still be thinking of what to do next and she would have captured the perfect shot.  

She also has an eye for catching the perfect lighting and angle.  When she gave guidance, it was done such grace.

I had so much fun and am looking forward to working with her again. 

I would most certainly recommend her to anyone for any occasion.

Juné Geyser, I am in love with your art, thank you for sharing your talent with me and for creating these beautiful images. 

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