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Beauty Therapy & My top 5 Beauty tips

My Passion for Beauty Therapy (Somatology) & My top 5 Beauty tips 

Many people are surprised to learn that I am a qualified beautician. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved anything to do with beauty and I loved making people feel and look good. 

In my final year of school, I had to decide if I was going to pursue a full-time tennis career, or if I was going to study Somatology (Beauty Therapy). 

It was a tough decision because both tennis and beauty are my two biggest passions in life. 

I decided to pursue tennis while I am still young and knew that I would always be able to study Beauty Therapy at a later stage in my life. 

In 2016 and 2017 I had a chance to do my diplomas in Facial Therapy, Swedish Massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage therapy, waxing, manicure&pedicures, and nail art. 

I loved every minute of it. It was so different from the life I had as an athlete and yet it still made me so happy to finally get a chance to pursue my passion. 

Facial therapy and Massage therapy quickly became my two favorite therapies in the entire course. During the massage therapy, my instructor and I had to become creative in finding a way in which I would be able to move around my client and be able to give the exact same massage technique as any other therapist who is able to stand and walk. 

Once I got going, it was like second nature. I am very fortunate to be strong in my hands and that gives me the ability to compensate for not being able to stand.

I love making people feel relaxed and I love creating a space where they can escape from this crazy world for a little while. 

I am so proud of myself for finding the courage and time to pursue Beauty Therapy and I am excited to advance my skills, knowledge, and experience in this field. 

I know that I am able to do anything, I just have to work hard and find creative ways to get it done. 

And this is another example of me defying the odds and overcoming obstacles in the path of my dreams. 

I hope that you will remember that you are also capable of doing anything. My wish is that you don’t just have dreams, but that you will find the courage to make your dreams come true. 


- Water. Water. Water.

Yes, I know everyone knows this already, but it really Works and its the absolute Best beauty tool you can use to help with your skin hydration and anti-aging. 

- Virgin Coconut Oil.

Not only is it a natural product but it is affordable and you can use it for various things, I use it as a hair treatment to help get my hair healthy and strong. Massage it into your roots and ends of your hair and leave in for +/- 30min. Wash your hair thoroughly to get all the oil out. do this once a month at least. 

- Perfume.

Apply your perfume straight after you get out of the shower or bath. Your skin will absorb more of the fragrance and your scent will last longer. 

- Less is More. In everything this phrase applies. In make-up, hair styling, face products, accessories, etc. Less is always better. 

- Sexy Underwear.

This is not a myth, this is a fact. Wearing sexy underwear makes you feel more confident and gives you that little extra boost for that day. Even if your entire day is a mess, at least you can say your bra and panties match and we all know that's an achievement in itself!

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