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Keep Shining

I’ve been told many times that I always shine so brightly.

It has never been something that I was aware of, it’s something that just happens naturally I guess. 

It feels wonderful to hear these words but it makes me wonder what the reason for it is. What do I do to be able to shine? 

My philosophy is to live out my passions and dreams everyday, it makes me happy. I’m constantly surrounded by everything that makes my heart beat a little faster, makes my excitement jump through the roof and most of all brings a sparkle to my eyes and smile. 

That is why I shine. 

“Know what sparks the light in you, then use that light to illuminate the world”

Don’t get me wrong it does not come easy. This world we live in has a way of taking away the light and fire that burns inside of us. 

Everyday I am on a battlefield fighting with the emotions that take away my shine... there are so many days where I lose that battle and where I just don’t have any strength left to fight.

I strive everyday to be the best possible me and when I lose that battle I feel disappointed in myself for not being strong enough to win.


I’ve learned to be okay with that now. Our bodies, minds and souls go through so much everyday that we just sometimes need to let go and take a breather, we are human after all.  

I’ve also learned that the most important thing is just to try my absolute best  everyday to keep Shining. All that matters is that I’m trying. 

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