Tokyo Diary | Day 9

Tennis started today. It was an extremely long day waiting from 11am until 8pm to play our match due to suspension because of the heat, it was really hot out there so play had to stop. But finally as the stars were shining bright above us me and my doubles partner KG went into court to play our first round doubles match. Wow going onto that court I felt like I was going to throw up because of all the nerves and butterflies I was feeling. I felt really good on court even though I could feel my hands shaking. And the moment we won it was like I was on top of the world, one of the best feelings I’ve had in my tennis career. Even though it was just one round it felt like something way bigger for me. It was my very first match in over two years and also my very first match at my first Paralympic Games. I’ll never forget this moment. Now it’s past midnight and it’s time to go to bed so that I can be ready for my singles match tomorrow.

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Singles did not go quite as well as doubles did yesterday. I am so disappointed that I lost on the big court. Now I have to realign myself turn it around so that I’m ready and fired up for the doubles