Tokyo Diary | Day 11

So a typical morning in the Olympic village will be, wake up, do all the mandatory covid tests, go for breakfast, catch a bus and head to the courts. Minimum socialising because you want to stay safe from covid and also stay focused on the task ahead of you. Today was exactly like a typical day in the village. Woke up, ready to play, very focused. We played on center court our doubles quarterfinals match and unfortunately lost but I was pleased with the way I played even though it’s far from my best. I knew coming here that I haven’t played tournaments in 2 years and that the absence of recent match-play-experience might be detrimental, so I was just grateful to be here and gain as much experience as I can. Now I will enjoy my last 48 hours here in the Olympic Village, do some exploring, shopping and take a lot of pictures and truly take everything in for the last time.

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